Former drummer for Gary Lewis and The Playboys and The Coasters. Tim has also been blessed to play with Paul Baloche, Lincoln Brewster, Darlene Zscech and Hillsongs among others. Tim founded The Simply Agape Project in 2001 to get free Christian music to the troops. Recordings have been made with Tim, and friends Alex Acuna, Abe Laboriel SR, Justo Almario,Steve Camp , Jared Ming and some wonderful Independant Christian artists.The Somebody Brave CD also features words of encouragment to the soldiers from Pastors, Moms, Dads, and Lt Col Brian Birdwell a Pentegon 9/11 survivor Tim is married to Donna Wirth and has four children Alan 20,Steven 18, Brittany 17, Bethany 14 going on 30. Tim has played in numerous churchs as well as shows on TBN. Tim has also performed on JCTV on the show Generation Worship featuring worship leader Jared Ming. Tim has a book published worldwide titled “Pass The Plate And Let Us Prey” (My Search For Black and White Christianity in a Gray Nation)


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  1. paula said

    I agree with you re: chris and bob should go public with the meeting recording etc. If they hold to keeping it quiet, I frankly will be let down and spend some time grieving.

  2. Rev. Robin W. Obetz said

    Dear Tim, Concerning your e thoughts about praying for our president; i.e. Nero, etc. Please do not take the verse out of context. It is very important to note 1 Tim.2:1,2 says (as Paul admonishes believers)” I exhort therefore, that first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions and giving thanks be made for all men; for kings, and for all that are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty, [for this is acceptable in the sight of God, our Savior]. We are admonished to not only pray for, but to make our requests in prayer to God, to intercede for their actions, giving thanks for them ‘that we might live quiet, peaceable lives’. We must continue to be able to work while there is still light…and in these times, as in all others, the spiritual forces of darkness would come quickly to snuff out the lives and freedoms of believers to preach the truth of The Gospel of Jesus Christ. We pray for those in authority, that they might be transformed by the word, that we might have safety and peace to preach it, that they too (as some of the kings Paul preached to) might hear and be saved.) I believe that many people today are praying amiss for our leaders..we must never forget, that our battles are not against flesh and blood, but powers and principalities which are ruling over them when they are not converted people. Just wanted to pass on some thoughts about praying for these ‘kings’ and those in authority. REad Day by Day, by Corrie ten Boom, while she was in a concentration camp in Germany and how her prayers and the prayers of her sister were heard during that time. Good stuff. In His Strong Grip of Grace, Robin

  3. I agree though we should pray for all our leaders including the president so that they would be saved and therefore their life{ hopefully with Gods grace} changed.
    Always pray for the salvation of our leader and those in authority.
    The verse was not taken out of context but I dont believe that God wants to merge government with Christianity.
    It didnt work before wont work now.
    It is good to have godly leaders though God willing.

  4. Rev. Robin W. Obetz said

    Until our Lord Jesus returns, there will never be a ‘unity’ kingdom on this earth. People who try to form a ‘christian-like’ government, are only building a tower of Babel…Christ will soon come down, again, in the flesh, and we will have His perfect will and rule at that time. Until then, ‘go, and make disciples, teaching them all I have commanded you, baptizing them in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and lo, I Am with you until the end of the age.”

  5. you can go to the conferance links I have provided on “The Innerency of Gods Word Conference and order the tapes of Jacob Prash or go to the Moriel links jacob speaks about Calvinism quite a bit-Tim

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