The New Age and the great falling away

March 15, 2012

The term New Age was used as early as 1809 by William Blake
who described a coming era of spiritual and artistic advancement
in his preface to Milton a Poem by stating: “… when the New Age
is at leisure to pronounce, all will be set right …”

We also need to understand at the first that the main problem in the church is that many do not believe the entire Word of God to be true.


31Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed;

32And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

This is a real stumbling block to some of my brothers and sisters in the Lord most of all in the Nazarene denomination even though many Nazarenes believe scripture to be true cover to cover.

The apostle John under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit also wrote in 1 John Chapter 3 that the earth is divided into two sets of people children of God and children of the devil. Movements like the Emergent church and other followers of the coming new age would like to add a touch of gray to this black and white statement of scripture.

The true church of Jesus Christ is now under assault from all fronts not only from the Emergent church but the false signs and wonders movement as well. The Nazarenes are getting hit by this as well from speakers like Dan Bohi. I get many emails from Nazarene’s who have been to Dan’s meeting and have all kinds of scriptural red flags go off when this guy preaches.

What confuses people is that even apparent nice guys could and can be scripturally off base as well as just plain false teachers.

I document Dan and his signs and wonders preaching in my articles here.

Read the two articles and decide for yourselves.

Dan has not changed and there is very real concern about his teaching and preaching.

The second fold problem is weak leadership who are afraid to speak up on the problem. I recently pointed this out on the Concerned Nazarenes FB page and came under fire because the evangelist is well liked.

He promoted the Alpha course even though he listed that his church had changed it around.

I hear this a lot.

The problem is that at its origins the Alpha course attempts to unify Christians with the church of Rome.

Many Nazarenes have already bought into Roman practice. False leader Jon Middendorf church celebrated the Eucharist with a Catholic church that was near by.

Catholics see communion in a different way than Biblical Christians do.

I have also heard for the last year and a half or so that there has been all these secret prayer meetings among the evangelists and many tears were shed etc..

But to date there has been no action taken and they for sure support Dan Bohi as a group.

Prayer is always needed but that usually results in guidance from God and then action.

These weeping prayer meetings sound more like politics to me rather than godly gatherings.

The Holy Spirit always will turn people to Gods Word and evil will be exposed.

The Road to Rome which the Nazarenes and many others are on will always result in a Road to Babylon and the endtime one world religion.

Problem here if you read books from Nazarene leaders like Dan Boone in his apostate Chicken Little book he does not believe in the endtimes the way scripture teaches.

More to come in Part Two-The Road to Rome Meets the Road to Babylon



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