Eric Barger speaks out against the Emergent Church

December 27, 2008

I have been having a interesting discussion with a Nazarene pastor here on another post. The pastor is a Emergent Nazarene pastor whether he know it or not. The pastor who is probably a great guy attempted to defend Jesse and Jon Middendorf. Jon has been instrumental in bringing the Emergent Church into the Nazarene denomination. Jon is a pastor who should be watching over his flock. Instead he has chosen to expose them to danger and heresy. His dad Jesse Middendorf is currently a GS of the Nazarene denomination has ran to his sons defense. Both men are deceived and misguided in their efforts in my opinion.
Here is a fine U Tube video from my friend and brother in the Lord Eric Barger exposing just a small part of whats going on not only in the Nazarene denomination but in the Body of Christ.


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