Why we read the gossip columns and love reality shows

September 10, 2008

Even as Christians its a very real ploy of our enemy satan to get us to be obsessed with reading the gossip columns such as those over at Phoenix Preacher and CRN.info. Face it we love to see a good fight. I spent a day  off at Phoenix Preacher trying to get into a discussion on the issues with them. And largely they just wanted to talk about what they wanted to talk about, throw me under the bus because of my discernment and fuss and fight. I was amazed at some of the emails I got from people that were tuning in and watching what was going on. People I would have never had guessed would monitor Phoenix Preacher were indeed tuning in. Phoenix Preacher at large has the same cast of characters interacting and ready to pounce on any online discernment ministry who dares invade their turf. There are some really good folk there dont get me wrong. As well as Michael writes some very good articles on ancient Catholic and Christian history. So if you want to listen to gossip and see where the church has been Phoenix Preacher is the place for you for sure. If you want to see which way the church is currently heading you really need to look elsewhere. Phoenix Preacher hates discerment ministries because they loathe discernment and it shows.

One reason I have banned Warren apologist Richard Abanes from website I interact and help with is because he is a master of getting people to look in the other direction while he whines where is the love and as you look he slaps you up side the head and runs away giggling like the little bully Abanes truly is.Yes if you allow Richard to post on your blog you are almost guaranteed a vast number of hits its almost like when you were in school and you started to hear the chant, fight, fight fight. Most people come running to see the fight. But there is way to much going on to even bother with Abanes and his misinformation and Warren propoganda. But I know it can be an obsession to follow Richard around the inter net. Please let this post serve as a warning to avoid temptation. If you ignore Abanes he will go away because bad press, or good press Abanes ego loves the limelight. Ignore him and he will go away.

All this is a reflection on how we love bad reality tv shows. We love to see the chaos and problems people make for themselves.

Instead of focusing on what is important. Its funny how sites like Phoenix Preacher can point out how the ODM’s hate everyone but yet totally ignore Abanes and his hate filled speech and article’s. Funny how friendships work like that. You can ignore your friends error while pointing out others faults.

You see if the devil can distract you and keep you reading the gossip columns he can sneak in and do more damage to the Body of Christ. Me Im going to ignore the critics of those whose own ego’s trip them up at every step. Im going to keep my eye on what the Holy Spirit wants me focused on my family, friends and warning the Body of Christ of what is coming. You can spend a inordinate amount of time chasing around little distractions of the internet if you allow the devil to entice you.

Peace and Blessings

Tim Wirth

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