New Blog Announcement

September 8, 2008

I am working with some friends of mine in the Nazarene Church and want to announce a new blog we have started.
It is titled Psalm 11:3“If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?”

This blog will alert the Nazarene denomination about all the Emergent Church garbage that has now infiltrated its ranks. This has been widely accepted by some very high up in its leadership as well.

The blog will be interactive but not a place of debate. We do not need or want to dialog with those in the Emergent church because we already know what they are doing is not of the Lord or based on scripture but largely a return to ancient Catholic practices.

This will also be a Richard Abanes free zone as are all websites and blogs I am involved with are.

If the unofficial spokesman for Rick Warren wants to spread lies, rumors and propaganda he can do it over on his website or the other website and blogs where the clown prince of chaos is welcome.

That goes for all his buddies as well such as the pro emergent website Phoenix Preacher.

This will be a blog where those concerned with what is going on in the Nazarene denomination will have a voice and know they are not alone.

This will also be a place where Nazarene’s can get current information on what is going on with the Emergent church within their denomination as well as lots of biblically based information on how the Emergent church is helping to form the new spirituality which will eventually be a vehicle for the anti christ and his one world religion.

the web address is

there will also be a link from this blog to the website

Peace and Blessings


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