Rick Warren and Emerging Church Promote New Age Practices

August 7, 2008

Concerts of Prayer NY is now linking arms with the Emerging Church movement in NYC.  I received this in an email this week:


 “REGISTER NOW & BRING YOUR LEADERSHIP TEAM!  Saturday, September 20, 2008.

“Spiritual Leadership in the Global City” Launch Event!  Hear Rick Warren, A.R. Bernard, and David Ireland.  To be held simultaneously in Brooklyn and Ocean Grove, NJ.  Register online at www.NYCLeadership.com.” 


They are starting a leadership center in NYC and COPNY is also actively promoting Saddleback Church’s leadership summit where leaders will be trained by Christian and NON christian faculty!   It’s time for the Christian community to find out what these people actually teach!  The following article is from Hungry Hearts Ministry.



Included in Rick Warren’s Ministry Tool Box, an email pastor’s resource sent to multiplied thousands of ministers each week, is an article by Dan Kimball, pastor of Vintage Faith Church, which contains a basic outline for beginning practitioners of Christian Witchery.



Of course Dan doesn’t exactly call it by that name. However, Miss Rawna Moon, Christian Witch and Web Mistress has no problem at all with calling a spade a spade. And point for point she is in agreement with Kimball on the essential steps to successfully practicing Christian Witchery.



Sacred Space

Dan instructs his readers to attend to “the notion of sacred space.”


Isn’t it interesting that Miss Rawna Moon does the same thing when she instructs beginners in Christian Witchery that the first thing they need to do is get a sacred space and, “Always keep before you that what you are doing here is not using the sacred space as a thing, but relating to it as fellow creatures of the Creating One and so your brothers and sisters. Try to let this place be a place where you let go of the modernistic idea of humanity above and separate from nature. Instead realize that you are part of this place and you are not above it or more important than it. Begin to learn how to listen to it as your teacher.”


Contemplative Prayer

Kimball openly advocates contemplative prayer in his push for a more experiencial form of relating to God. He boldly recommends that churches begin, “Implementing ancient forms of worship, in addition to more recent ways. When choosing to implement something like *Lectio Divina* (a contemplative praying of the Scriptures)…


Miss Rawna is in complete agreement with kimball on this. Here is what she has to say about contemplative prayer and its inestimable value to Christian Witchery: “Different spiritual traditions call this practice we call centering by many different names. It is the basic idea in Transcendental Meditation. It was the core spiritual discipline in many streams of Christian Monasticism and was called Contemplative Prayer.

Read the rest of the article here – http://truthspeaker.wordpress.com/2008/08/05/rick-warren-and-emerging-church-promote-new-age-practices/

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