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August 30, 2008

I have been busy the past few weeks but I have been monitoring a lot of events taking place at Saddleback as well as Richard Abanes running around as usual like a chicken with its head cut off.

After all these years of butting heads with Richard I still cant state I have figured this guy and his utter lack of scripture and sheer absence of common sense out.

I can tell you one thing for sure about Richard though a lot of his attitude comes from his ego and pride. And what does scripture state about pride?

(ps thanks for the heads up here Michael I thought most would get the point here).

 Check Proverbs 16:18 to start then do a word search in Bible Gateway on pride and see what scripture has to say pride.

I have known and met a lot of famous people in my secular and Christian career as a musician and can tell you with authority famous people never have to tell you they are famous their work speaks for itself.

Famous people will include their bio’s when looking for work but seldom cram it down your throat because if their famous you are already aware of their work.

Its only people who are almost famous those who are not where they think they should be that will remind you consistently of who they are and what they have done. Its really a inferiority complex that they mask and over compensate with ego and pride.

Thats pretty much Richard Abanes in a nutshell in my opinion.

Again more fruit of Rick Warren and Saddleback.

As far as truth goes-the truth is far from these folks.

As far as Rick Warren and the presidential debates go I just have one comment. 

How many times will it take to catch Rick Warren in a lie before some of you finally figure out that this guy doesn’t tell the truth and shouldn’t be trusted?

Have we gotten so programmed that the truth no longer matters to us?

It matters to me.

And for sure it matters to God.

Sad very sad indeed.

More to come….

I am currently working on a expose on the Emergent Church with my friends and brothers and sisters in the Lord Don and Sue Butler as well as Deb Dombrowski/Lighthouse Trails who will be co-producing and scripting.

As well as my dear friends and brothers in the Lord Warren Smith, Ray Yungen and Roger Oakland.

This DVD will be distributed for free to the Nazarene Church as well.

Please keep us in prayer as we move forward on this project more to come on this as well.

I will be busy so I will not be posting as often but will continue to feature solid biblical based commentary and information from my co-workers in Christ.

Blessings in Christ

Tim Wirth


New articles coming

August 26, 2008

I have been very busy with producing and coordinating a DVD about the Emergent/Emerging movement for the Nazerene church. I will have some material of my own up soon. I have pretty much stayed away from the Rick Warren/Obama thing because it is what it is. I have never considered Rick Warren a pastor but a businessman and politician. And Rick always shows his true colors. For those saying that Rick could be the antichrist I would disagree. But I do believe Rick could be the false prophet mentioned in scripture who speaks for the antichrist. More to come on that and some comments on Steve Camp’s recent kudos for Rick Warren and who do we call a brother in Christ.

More to come in the next two weeks. Plus as always I will publish articles from my brother and sisters in the Lord.



Great article from my brothers and sisters in the Lord at Lighthouse Trails

The Spirituality of Barak Obama and Rick Warren

Barak Obama, the Senator who recently spoke at Saddleback Church, drew criticism from many Christians because of his pro-abortion beliefs. Rick Warren defended his move to include Obama at the AIDS convention, and while at first glance, it may look like the two men are at opposite ends of the pole when it comes to spiritual beliefs, in actuality, they have quite a bit in common.

In an article in United Church News, Obama stated that the teachings of the UCC (United Church of Christ), of which he is a member (Trinity United Church of Christ), are “foundation stones for his political work.” Just what are those “teachings” comprised of? On Trinity’s website, on the Yoga page, the following statement is highlighted:

Within each [of]us is the seed of Divinity. Each Soul is divine. I bow to the divinity in us all!

That is the spirituality of Thomas Merton! You may be asking right now, “How is this kind of affinity to yoga and panentheism similar to Rick Warren’s beliefs? After all, he’s evangelical! Right.” But Rick Warren has been and continues to promote Thomas Merton’s contemplative spirituality, which has the same premise as that of yoga and panentheism – it’s just that what he promotes is disguised in Christian terminology so people are fooled.

It is interesting to note that on the Trinity Church of Christ website, it states: Rick Warren is “brilliant at explaining our real purpose on earth.” Such a statement clearly shows that Obama’s spiritual leaders at Trinity resonate with Rick Warren.

The United Church of Christ basically is an ultra liberal Christian denomination that has focused on social justice and making the world into a better place. But in the process of their all encompassing view that anything positive is spiritually sound, many leaders within this group have embraced or incorporated the teachings and practices of occultism and eastern religion. One such individual is Bruce Epperly, a United Church of Christ pastor, who wrote a book called Reiki Healing Touch and the Way of Jesus, in which Epperly says: We can utilize the practice of Reiki to transform families, relationships, meetings, and institutions.” Reiki, as you know, is drawn from Tibetan Buddhism and incorporates spirit guides and psychic powers. It is extremely likely that Obama has been exposed to things such as yoga or Reiki.

Rick Warren and Barak Obama also share views on global peace and world-wide unification. Obama, who was a speaker at the “Pentecost 2006: Building a Covenant for a New America” conference, used “the speech as a call for continued dialogue and bridge- building between religious conservatives and progressives.” This “bridge-building” is the same kind of talk Rick Warren uses when he is discussing his “new reformation” that will include all religions, in which he states that he will do “whatever it takes” to accomplish it in his lifetime.

In Obama’s address at Pentecost 2006, he talked about the “connection between religion and politics.” That is what Rick Warren talks about with his “three-legged stool” philosophy that government, religion and business have to work together if global peace is every going to happen. Herein lies another similarity between Obama and Warren.

When New Ager and meditation promoter Marianne Williamson came to Rick Warren’s defense recently, she knew he shared the same vision as she. That vision, which is also Obama’s, will eventually attempt to eliminate opposition to this mystical-based new reformation. They will believe they have to in order for it to work.

We mustn’t be fooled into thinking that Rick Warren is on a different page than Obama, just because their views on abortion differ. They have found a common ground, and it is one that is sinking sand.

For related information:

The Red Three Legged Stool
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Why We Should Be Very Concerned About Leonard Sweet and Rick Warren … and Their Plans for the Future




But the church was not established by Jesus Christ to partner with other world religions and beliefs to share God’s glory with Allah, Joseph Smith, Buddha or Madeline Murray O’Hare. Neither were we called by Christ to bring their followers into the ministry with us. Those who have truly been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb ought to know better than this.

Read the rest of Paul Proctors article here

By my friend and brother in the Lord Sandy Simpson

With the recent rash (and I use that word physically) of Rick Warren appearances all over the TV networks, touted as the man who is going to save the planet, I have finally reached my maximum saturation point.  I just want to address one statement that Warren made on Fox, though I could go into his appearances and what he taught in ultimate detail as I have in the past. But this one statement is more than enough to illustrate that Rick Warren is trying to change the world through his use of diaprax and his INCREDIBLE lack of discernment.

I would trust a pastor or a rabbi of a synagogue or an imam of a Muslim mosque more then I would trust a government or NGO.” (Can Rick Warren Change the World? Fox Video – video time 2:15 Aug.19, 2006 Fox News).

Read the rest of the article here-

By my friend and brother in the Lord Sandy Simpson-

The concept of the Emerging Church, as advertised worldwide in books, the web and on TV by the likes of Brian Mclaren, Leonard Sweet, Richard Foster, Dan Kimball, Rick Warren, Ken Blanchard and a whole host of others, seeks to cater to the postmodern mindset while using diaprax to achieve its goals.  The Hegelian Dialectic is used in concert with praxis (known as “diaprax”) to brainwash an entire generation into creating a new hybrid Christianity. This new religion is full of Eastern mysticism and Gnosticism, while systematically redefining the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Apostles and Prophets within a subjectivist, existentialist worldview.

To achieve this end, any teaching and practices of biblical churches must first be vilified and exorcised. This is done through the process of Thesis/Antithesis (the Hegelian Dialectic). Orthodox biblical Christianity and its doctrines, the Thesis, are presented as being stodgy, boring, misspent energy, misapplied methodology, and frankly, evil.  The new Antithesis is then presented, excesses pulled randomly out of the hat of modern culture while being careful to sound “balanced” in presenting those antithetical excesses as if nothing is written in stone and things are in a constant state of flux.  The intended audience of 20/30somethings is then led to a middle point or to a point which Leonard Sweet mistakenly calls “oxymoronic”. The ideas of the leaderhip of this movement can now present themselves as those who hold a “balanced” view, when in actuality it is often nowhere near ANY kind of balance.  This is when the process of “praxis” or consensus kicks in.  The audience is then allowed to express their opinion, to come to consensus or praxis, as long as it does not stray too far away from the center “balance” which belongs to the leadership.  Sadly, many have observed in this process, as in other cults, that if too many questions are asked, the person is then suppressed and an attempt is made to “reprogram” them.  If they are unwilling to come to praxis with everyone else, they are then told to leave or ostracized and demonized.  This process is EXACTLY what cults do, what the Third Wave and Word-Faith churches do, what YWAM does, and is also what forms the basis for this “new” Emerging Church.  The whole structure of the Emerging Church, as defined by the Eastern mystical teachings of it’s leaderhip elite, is geared around a diaprax model.  Those who buy into it assume they are hearing the truth, when in fact they are signing off on the half truths and outright lies of heretics and false teachers in the movement.  By signing off, I mean that literally in many cases, as many of these churches, following the advice of Rick Warren and others, are having their adherents sign their discernment rights away in “convenants”.

The dumbing down of America and the world is nowhere quite as evident as in the Emerging Church.  Emergers are not taught to think for themselves, but to come to praxis.  This is all done in a non-judgmental atmosphere (as long as you don’t fundamentally disagree!). Since we already live in a generation that has learned to discern on the basis of feelings rather than the intellect used to study the Bible with the help of the Holy Spirit, the false teachers of this movement are free to “put one over” on the Christian public. But many Emergent teachers are simply parroting the thinking of their leadership who apparently ARE allowed to use their brains to come up with schemes to empower and enrich themselves at the expense of stupefied Christian masses that follow them.  Though this movement is built on an evolutionary model of Christianity, with the notion that we as Christians have somehow evolved to a higher spiritual plane, the fact is this movement is the tail end of a devolution of the Faith, the falling away spoken of by Paul, the Apostasy.

The Emerging Church is an idea which appeals to many youth

Read the rest of the article here

From Lighthouse Trails Research-


The Reimagine Conference, which will be held in December and hosted by the CCCA (Christian Camp and Conference Association), is featuring New Age sympathizer and mystic proponent Leonard Sweet. Widely popular and trusted teacher and pastor,Alistair Begg is also scheduled to be one of the speakers, but according to an assistant at Begg’s office, Begg has withdrawn from the conference. Lighthouse Trails spoke with Begg’s office last week about the spirituality of Leonard Sweet. Begg’s assistant contacted Lighthouse Trails on August 15th and said: “After prayerful consideration, as of today Alistair has respectfully asked to be removed as one of the speakers at the Reimagine Conference in December.”

This is not the first time CCCA has brought in emerging church leaders to speak at their sponsored events. Past speakers include Tony Campolo and Brian McLaren, both who would resonated with Leonard Sweet.

The Reimagine Conference is one of many conferences taking place across North America right now that is propagating the emerging (merging) church movement, which is founded on mysticism, interspirituality, and panentheism. Leonard Sweet has been sharing what he calls the “New Light” movement for nearly two decades. He recently spoke at Rick Warren’s Small Group Conference. In view of the following statement by Sweet, this should concern all biblical Christians:

The power of small groups is in their ability to develop the discipline to get people “in-phase” with the Christ consciousness and connected with one another. (Leonard Sweet, Quantum Spirituality, P. 147)

In addition to Sweet’s view on the “Christ consciousness” (a New Age belief that God is in all), Sweet is a strong advocate for mysticism (the avenue through which man supposedly awakens to his divine self). The following quote by Sweet is just one (of many) example of his propensity toward mysticism:

Mysticism, once cast to the sidelines of the Christian tradition, is now situated in postmodernist culture near the center…. In the words of one of the greatest theologians of the twentieth century, Jesuit philosopher of religion/dogmatist Karl Rahner, “The Christian of tomorrow will be a mystic, one who has experienced something, or he will be nothing.” [Mysticism] is metaphysics arrived at through mindbody experiences. Mysticism begins in experience; it ends in theology. (Leonard Sweet, Quantum Spirituality page 76)

For those who understand New Age spirituality, an examination of Sweet’s book, Quantum Spirituality (found on his website as a a href=””> free download) will reveal the true nature of Sweet’s beliefs as well as the direction he and Rick Warren (who has endorsed, promoted, and partnered with Sweet since 1995) are heading.

Lighthouse Trails is grateful that Alistair Begg has apparently removed himself from the Reimagine Conference. However, as of this writing (Saturday, August 16th), his name, photo, speaking schedule, and description are still on the Reimagine website. Because Begg is such a highly respected Christian figure among many Bible believing Christians, his name on the website will possibly draw many unsuspecting and trusting individuals to attend the conference. Therefore, Lighthouse Trails beseeches Alistair Begg to not only have his name and photo removed from that website very soon but also to come out with a public statement warning of the dangers of Leonard Sweet’s spirituality and the emerging church at large. Because promotional material has already been distributed by Reimagine with Begg’s name and photo, a public statement is essential.

It is very troubling to watch the partnering of respected authors, pastors, and teachers with those who are involved with the contemplative prayer movement (i.e., spiritual formation) and the emerging church movement. A number of respected teachers have partnered with, sponsored, and teamed up with Rick Warren and Bill Hybels, two of the emerging churches greatest evangelists. Some have also partnered with Robert Schuller, Ken Blanchard, and a host of other leaders in the same camp as Rick Warren and Bill Hybels. With so much spiritual deception pervading our society and our churches, isn’t this a time for biblical leaders to stand courageously for the truth, even if it costs them dearly?


Christian Camps and Retreat Centers – Often Havens for Contemplative

Christian Camping and Conference Association Bringing in Emerging Speakers

This article or excerpt was posted on August 16, 2008@ 2:43 pm .

Category: * Conference Alerts

In an article dated August 15th by ABC news Senior National Correspondent (based in Washington, DC) Jake Tapper, Rick Warren is interviewed about his critics. Warren stated:

I’m a big target … It doesn’t bother me. It’s like … during the Civil War the guy who wore the Union blue top and the Confederate blue bottom and he got shot at from both sides. That’s just part of trying to be a bridge builder, a moderator, a voice of civility. Our civilization is becoming increasingly uncivil. We’re becoming ruder. We’re not getting nicer to each other we’re getting ruder.

Warren stated that because he is neither left-winged nor right-winged, he gets criticism from both sides. This however, is an inaccurate statement for the most part, as there have been very few critical analyses toward Warren by the liberal. On the contrary, there have been many positive ones. He has been a favorite guest for Larry King a number of times, and even popular New Ager Marianne Williamson has come to his defense (their common ground is mysticism), 1 as have many in the liberal emerging church.

Warren has often made these statements about “getting ruder,” when he is discussing his critics. For the record, Lighthouse Trails Publishing (and Lighthouse Trails Research) has not been rude with regard to its reporting on Rick Warren. We have reported in a forthright manner without using mean-spirited, sarcastic, or acerbic language.

When Warren told Tapper regarding criticism, “It doesn’t bother me,” Tapper questioned this statement:

And it seems like it might bother you a little bit … You are a huge success and your good works are undeniable and I’m not trying to take away from that. But I sense in this interview that these people get under your skin a little bit.

Tapper recognized that criticism does bother Rick Warren, as Warren has proven time and again with Lighthouse Trails, such as when he called Lighthouse Trails “evil” and “liars” and when Saddleback said that federal agents were investigating Lighthouse Trails because Saddleback said we had broken into their server (something that was never true).2

Warren answered Tapper:

[P]eople get under my skin for about five seconds. I consider both praise and criticism, it’s kind of like chewing gum. You chew on it for a little while but you don’t swallow because ultimately I’m living for Jesus Christ. That’s my goal. And my philosophy when criticism comes at me, if it’s true: listen and learn from it. If it’s untrue ignore it and forget it.

This is not accurate when Warren says, “if it’s true: listen and learn from it.” Lighthouse Trails has been reporting that Rick Warren has been promoting the emerging church and contemplative spirituality for many years. We have shown this countless times through many well-documented articles and books. While Warren wrote a note to Lighthouse Trails once five years ago, calling contemplative “a hot topic,” he has never shown any sign that he has learned from our criticisms and public concerns. On the contrary, he has moved closer to contemplative spirituality and emerging spirituality. (e.g., recently he had New Age sympathizer Leonard Sweet teach at Saddleback 3, and secondly, even today he recommends books on his website by outright mystics 4).

At the recent Presidential Forum at Saddleback, Warren ended the evening with the following words: “We’ve got to learn to disagree without demonizing each other and we need to restore civility. We need to restore civility in our civil discourse.” He has made this same statement before with regard to his critics. The insinuation in this statement is that those who criticize Rick Warren should not be doing so. But he is giving a false impression – many of his critics have given accurate and straightforward information about the teachings and beliefs of Rick Warren. As for Lighthouse Trails, we avoided calling him names, saying whether or not he is a Christian (leaving that up to God), have never threatened him or accused him of breaking into our server, and never said he was of the devil. And yet, Rick Warren’s chief apologist recently wrote an article calling Warren’s critics cult-like delusional people who behave like David Koresh (Waco), who are heresy-hunters, paranoid, and extremists. 5

While millions hear the words of Rick Warren through both secular and Christian media and through Purpose Driven venues, and while many will believe what he says about his critics, Lighthouse Trails will continue to provide accurate information regarding the contemplative prayer movement and the “emerging” spirituality that is quickly overtaking much of Christianity. As we have stated many times, we do so not to villanize those we critique but rather to warn the body of Christ that the Gospel is under attack through a mystical spirituality that says man is divine. The Bible says that there will be a time when false doctrine and apostasy will run rampant and as believers we are to speak up against these things for the sake of the body of Christ and the Gospel message that can save lost souls.


For documentation on Rick Warren’s promotion of contemplative spirituality and the emerging church, read A Time of Departing and Faith Undone, visit Lighthouse Trails Research Project.

This article or excerpt was posted on August 18, 2008@ 11:23 am .

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Concerts of Prayer NY is now linking arms with the Emerging Church movement in NYC.  I received this in an email this week:


 “REGISTER NOW & BRING YOUR LEADERSHIP TEAM!  Saturday, September 20, 2008.

“Spiritual Leadership in the Global City” Launch Event!  Hear Rick Warren, A.R. Bernard, and David Ireland.  To be held simultaneously in Brooklyn and Ocean Grove, NJ.  Register online at” 


They are starting a leadership center in NYC and COPNY is also actively promoting Saddleback Church’s leadership summit where leaders will be trained by Christian and NON christian faculty!   It’s time for the Christian community to find out what these people actually teach!  The following article is from Hungry Hearts Ministry.



Included in Rick Warren’s Ministry Tool Box, an email pastor’s resource sent to multiplied thousands of ministers each week, is an article by Dan Kimball, pastor of Vintage Faith Church, which contains a basic outline for beginning practitioners of Christian Witchery. 


Of course Dan doesn’t exactly call it by that name. However, Miss Rawna Moon, Christian Witch and Web Mistress has no problem at all with calling a spade a spade. And point for point she is in agreement with Kimball on the essential steps to successfully practicing Christian Witchery. 


Sacred Space

Dan instructs his readers to attend to “the notion of sacred space.”


Isn’t it interesting that Miss Rawna Moon does the same thing when she instructs beginners in Christian Witchery that the first thing they need to do is get a sacred space and, “Always keep before you that what you are doing here is not using the sacred space as a thing, but relating to it as fellow creatures of the Creating One and so your brothers and sisters. Try to let this place be a place where you let go of the modernistic idea of humanity above and separate from nature. Instead realize that you are part of this place and you are not above it or more important than it. Begin to learn how to listen to it as your teacher.”


Contemplative Prayer

Kimball openly advocates contemplative prayer in his push for a more experiencial form of relating to God. He boldly recommends that churches begin, “Implementing ancient forms of worship, in addition to more recent ways. When choosing to implement something like *Lectio Divina* (a contemplative praying of the Scriptures)…


Miss Rawna is in complete agreement with kimball on this. Here is what she has to say about contemplative prayer and its inestimable value to Christian Witchery: “Different spiritual traditions call this practice we call centering by many different names. It is the basic idea in Transcendental Meditation. It was the core spiritual discipline in many streams of Christian Monasticism and was called Contemplative Prayer.

Read the rest of the article here –

And in another quote taken from “A PASTOR’S ASSESSMENT OF RICHARD ABANES” Ken Silva points towards RA’s less than charitable and very personal attack on Dr. John MacArthur who is himself on record exposing the bitter and rotten fruit of the man-centered, flesh pleasing Purpose Driven Paradigm:

From Tim Challies’ rather revealing interview with Mr. Abanes, we will see an arrogance emerge as he “attacks” (personally?) Dr. John MacArthur. Whatever one may think of every area of Dr. MacArthur’s theological positions, the fact remains that he is widely acknowledged as one of the finest Bible teachers we have in the Christian Church today. Further, MacArthur is also a man who is a senior pastor–and an elder–if you will, within the Evangelical church at large.

And yet, instead of showing Dr. MacArthur the respect his venerable position within Christ’s church would entitle him to, Mr. Abanes says with insolence:

As for John MacArthur, he simply does not know what he is talking about and has shown himself to be a loose cannon when it comes to Warren, The Purpose Driven Life, and Saddleback . I am not sure who is feeding him information, but it is false. But perhaps MacArthur just doesn’t care enough about truth to be careful in his own research. Therefore, I fault MacArthur for either: a) not doing his own research; or b) not doing his own research carefully enough before falsely accusing ChurchWarren of things that Warren has never taught. (

These are strong words against Dr. MacArthur from RA.

They’re personal words.

They’re incendiary words.

Read the rest of this fine article here