From Lighthouse Trails

July 21, 2008

From Deb at Lighthouse Trails-


Contemplative/emerging spirituality is on the rise.  And unfortunately, Christian leaders are helping to make this a reality. Popular and often trusted Christian speakers are sharing platforms with those who strongly promote un-biblical spiritual persuasions, and when they are challenged for doing so, they say it must be done in order to further the Gospel insisting that these differences are minor and insignificant. Other trusted leaders are placing their endorsements on the books of contemplative/emerging figures, and when challenged, they simply flash their educational credentials and ignore the concerns. 

Slowly (and sometimes not so slowly), these Christian leaders are changing. Putting financial security, popularity, fear of loss, and personal pride above doing what is right without compromise, they have begun to take on the characteristics of those they have endorsed, promoted, and stood next to.
Where once many of them preached the unadulterated Word of God, now they speak of community, unity, mystical experience, and a kingdom they call God’s that in actuality is a kingdom of this world. They say the Gospel cannot be effective unless everyone is willing to work together, and when they say everyone, they mean everyone.
In contrast, the apostle Paul preached the Gospel to all who would listen, but when it came to false doctrines, he made it very clear where he stood. If these leaders continue on their present path, the day may soon come when such a blending and weakening has occurred that the gospel they preach will be no different than the gospel of this world, which is no gospel at all.

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