The Two Camp’s Follow-up

July 19, 2008

I have  Abanes seen the fuss lately that both Bud’s article and mine have caused. It really does show there are two methods of thought here. Again I leave it up to you the reader to decide where the truth is in all this. If you dont think my site and article’s are biblically based I urge you to reject them. But there are two different camps here.

In Michael at Phoenix Preacher’s latest article he used the word wanker to describe Roger Oakland as well as my fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord. Folks this is a bad word and refers to someone who masturbates. In my camp I dont see any of us lumping the opposite camp with words like this. Also Michael told Bud Press to bleep off invoking and implying the f bomb here. And yet the people who frequest Michaels blog let all this fly. Michael even suggested to one of his friends to use the word wanker and his friend politely refused letting Michael know that this was a bad word. And these folks are calling themselves ambassadors for Christ?

Michael cant even get very basic civility down and you are going to rely on Michael for spiritual matters?

Good luck on that.

I was really glad that Michael got a job obviously with usuing language like that I certainely would not expect God to honor his ministry and let his ministry pay his bills. So again Im glad Michael got a day job to support his family.

And now Richard Abanes has come out with another article where he talks a lot and says nothing. If you really want a chuckle go to Richard Abanes under Wikepedia and really go over what all has been stated here. Richard has self written endorsement on himself has been called out on many things including factual information. This was based on what Wikepedia calls weasel-worded statements. How true for Abanes.

I have noticed on Richards continued comments on Todd Bentley at Phoenix preacher how Richard is pointing out the obvious cons and side show tactics that Todd uses’s as well as other side show ministries.

Thats great and the observations were good but even unsaved people notice how guys like Benny Hinn are con men and operate side shows. The real point here is that Richard is unable to dscern spirtitual matters that concern the Body of Christ. But thats an ongoing problem with Richard Abanes or he would no longer atten Saddleback.

A word of caution both Bud Press and myself got hit with a trojan virus when going to Richards site. Both our security systems that are in place stopped the virus. But use caution going to Richards site both for the virus and lack of truth. Things like Abanes site and information dont rely on a computor protection service to stop but rather Gods word. And perhaps only myself and Buds IP address’s were targeted but use caution going there.

 here is the link go read in depth for yourself

Now you have to decide whether you want to get your information and truth from someone who uses weasel worded statements and those who use foul language.

Or factual information based on biblically solid truth and accurate carefully researched information.

No matter how this other camp wines and moans people are really getting hip to the false teaching and false methods of guys like Rick Warren and Todd Bentley.

Sandy Simpson’s site alone is getting over a million hits a month.

Someone is listening.

You decide where you want to get whats true and most of all balance everything stated against scripture.


Tim Wirth


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