Mike Oppenheimer’s comments On Abanes article

June 20, 2008

Well I can see from Richard Abanes blog that he still continues to duck and dodge the points I bought up in my article “Is Richard Abanes a reliable source of information?”. Instead Richard as usual uses spin and makes his long list of what he has done and his endorsements. With a couple of his fans coming in again to play the hate card in their comments. I do not hate Richard Abanes. I however do not believe Richard Abanes is a good or reliable source of biblical based information.

 Funny I don’t see any folk on this list lining up to endorse any of Richards current material.

Richard writes in his article-“You see none of these “discerners” being published by any major publishing houses. You see none of them writing for major Christian magazines. Instead, because they are not accepted by the legitimate world, they have created for themselves a world of their own where they can say/do anything they want to say/do.”

This my friends is fruit of purpose driven and Rick Warren. This is the flesh and man-centered ego speaking here. Richard really doesnt get it. If he did he would address my article point by point. But again Richard is notorious for not answering the hard question’s. And there is a reason for that.

Again lets answer Richards long list of accolades and ego centered unbiblical criteria with scripture.

Acts 4:13 “13 Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were uneducated and untrained men, they marveled. And they realized that they had been with Jesus.

As far as Major Publishing houses it common knowledge that many Christian companies in the book and music industry are owned by secular companies. Do secular companies have godly discernment?  No of course not they are looking for money period.

Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, and Benny Hinn all sell a ton of books.

Are they a reliable source of information?

Hmm, uhh, err, I guess sales would say so.

Get my point at where Abanes is going with this and what kind of spirit is involved here?



Here is what my brother in the Lord Mike Oppenheimer from Let Us Reason website (a very reliable biblically based source of information) had to say about my article and Richard Abanes’s comments.

Mike’s comments-

Greetings  Tim ,
 heres my dimes worth of wisdom on this matter
Abanes stated- There is NO other faiths at all? I’d be interesting in hearing exactly what Wirth labels other religious systems, none of which are based on scientific fact. No other faiths in the world exist? I can’t even understand the point he’s making – probably because it makes no sense.
– Murder is wrong

one does not have to be religious to come to this conclusion- a humanist or even an atheist can hold this belief.


– There is life after this life
 pagans believe this, nearly all religions hold to some kind of teaching about this. this does not prove they have truth because the Bible teaches that this concept is part of mankind’s conscience.  again this proves little, if anything on the point trying to be made of “other faiths”.


– A divine Creator exists
 this is the same answer as previous- I might add that ones creator can be a she, nature, a force, an it.  Again this proves nothing by itself unless it is in agreement with the faith that was delivered to the saints  and is the same as what is written.
– People shouldn’t steal or commit adultery
 this is God’s law written in all mankind’s heart by their conscience, again, one does not have to believe in God to hold to this. they can even believe in different gods or multiple gods.
– We should seek to live peacefully with others
 same as the other points
– People should treat others how they wish to be treated
same point- it is common courteously as a human being to act this way- however I have heard this argument ad naseum and would like to see more specific quotes on this- what religion actually says this? and would the motivation be love?
We find in history nearly All cultures believe in the flood but they are quite varied in the details- what does this prove- they all cannot be right. can they prove the details of the bible are true from their varied stories that may conflict? 

Abanes stated- there is NO other faiths at all? I’d be interesting in hearing exactly what Wirth labels other religious systems, none of which are based on scientific fact. No other faiths in the world exist? I can’t even understand the point he’s making – probably because it makes no sense.

 getting back to the point of Tim wirth- he is holding a biblical position that, “the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints”Jude 3.

Not to everyone of every religion- they do not have “true faith in God”,  we may mistakenly call them faiths because of influences from ecumenism. But the fact is , they are what abanes stated other religious systems. Religions without relationship, therefore faith is not part of them because the Biblical definition of faith means to believe and trust in the true and living God. it is faith that saves us from our sins, no other religion addresses this only Jesus Christ did.

In Christ service,


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  1. Caron said

    Justin speaks out on the WoF movement and is considered by some to be an expert on it… At http://www.justinpeters.org you can click on “demo” and see a presentation he gave to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary on this… It is a brief overview of his seminar called, “A Call for Discernment.” He spoke at my church and comes highly recommended by my pastor, Dr. John MacArthur.

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