The Parroting Pop Apologist

June 17, 2008

After failing to deal with the New Age movement and its effect on the church and culture as a whole, Richard Abanes tries to cash in with his new book “A New Earth, An Old Deception:” This late to the game , cut and paste style book shows us again that Abanes gives a bad name to legitimate apologist. There are two big problems I see with this, one being that Abanes has been bashing Warren Smith for his teachings on the deception of the New Age. One of the main points Warren Smith has been making deals with Eckhart Tolle and many other teachings including a course in miracles. So the point being Abanes is a little late to the game, He has been caught unaware of what has been taking place and is now racing to sell some books. ( There are people who do much better research and their work is free.)


Read the rest of the article here from Encountering Truths blog

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