Gay dads celebrate Father’s Day with Rick Warren, author of “The Purpose Driven Life”

June 5, 2008

This Father’s Day, a group of LGBT and straight-ally families will spend their holidayin a way that is both extraordinary and profoundly commonplace: they will attend services at Saddleback Church, the mega-church founded by Rick Warren, author of The Purpose Driven Life.

The following day, the families will join leaders from Saddleback Church for a private meal and conversation.

The visit is the conclusion of a six-week journey, a gay-friendly family road trip, to initiate dialogue with mega-church congregations across the nation.


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Will Rick Warren preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and ask that people turn from their sins?

Well businessman Rick Warren has the reputation for not preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

There is a reason that homosexuals will feel comfortable in a church like Saddleback.

Now we should be nice and loving to all and make all sinners (thats all of us) feel welcome in our churches or gatherings.

Unsaved sinners however will never feel comfortable in the presence of a Holy God.

This is perhaps why they choose Saddleback.

Another good article to read relevent to whats being said here is


Tim Wirth

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