Rick Warrens Invitation Only Meeting with Chris Rosebrough and Bob Dewaay

May 27, 2008

A concerned reader left this comment on my other website-


What do you know regarding Warren’s latest conference and the “generous” invitation he extended to his detractors in the discernment community to be his guests at the latest 3-day conference on the grounds of Saddleback? (all-expenses paid)

I ssume you were included in the list of those invited, as you have boldly taken on the subject of Warren yourself — as well as his staunch defender Richard Abanes.

Warren seems determined to sway his detractors and draw them into his his circle. This is without a doubt a very smooth move on his part, extending the hand of friendship to those who have tirelessly exposed the darker purposes of the Purpose Driven movement. Clever and diabolical are two terms that come to mind as describing Warren’s ploys. And foolish is the word that would best describe those who accepted his invitation… To think they’d “find something” in their time there to report back to their constituents was a little naive on their parts, I believe. Knowing Rick and his ability to put his best foot forward, I’d have thought better of our watchmen than to oblige themselves to Warren by accepting such an invitation. To think he’d invite their participation in this event if he thought they’d be able to find an ounce of anything unorthodox, offensive or false to report back to us about.

I’m deeply concerned about those who accepted Warren’s invitation to attend this 3-day conference. Chris Rosebrough, for example. He began live-blogging from the event but then mysteriously disappeared from the scene. If you’ll go on Chris’s website, his latest post is a Thank-you to Rick Warren and Saddleback for their generous hospitality and Rick’s genuine sincerity. Chris mentioned Bob DeWaayas being present there withhim, and the two of them together being treated to a gracious “one on one” meeting with Warren, from which it was determined that he was SOOOO sincere, SOOOOwilling to consider their grievances with him (so “conciliatory”…)

What’s going on here??? What were these guys thinking in accepting Warren’s deceptive overture to them? Did they think they would be impervious to his wiles, that they would be able to resist his charm, his disarming manner, his and “sincerity”?

I am most concerned. I am wondering how many of our illustrious watchmen took the bait to attend this conference that was deliberately designed, one might reason, to win their trust of Warren and thus discount all the negative reporting of Warren’s unbiblical goals, agenda, aspirations. We already know that that Warren weilds a charm that is disarming, and are we not fools to engage it, and to ingratiate ourselves to him for his “sincere generosity” and “hospitality”?

What can you tell us about the discernment community’s response to Warren’s unexpected 11th hour invitation to be his guests for a three-day immersion in carefully planned presentations and warm-fuzzy experiences?

I’m searching for some word from within the discernment community, some post-conference respoonse, and finding nothing (so far). Have we not just been played? I suspect that Warren may have succeeded in convincing his opponents that he is a harmless and lovable character after all, and the consummate gentleman, his knowledge of politics having served him well.

Ingrid has had precious little to say recently besides remarking that Chris Rosebroughwas asked by Warren to shut down his live blogging of the conference (with which he complied). Where is any comment post-conference from within the discernment fold? All I’m finding is silence, and it’s a little disconcerting.

What do you know about any of this, Tim? Can you tell us someething? Perhaps I’m asking prematurely. I suppose there may be some response show up later today…

That is the end of the readers comments from my No Goofy Zone Discernemnt Ministry website.

The post this person was refering to was here-


I expressed my concerns to Chris about this publically on his website. I also spoke to Chris a couple of times on the phone to get some more information on what is going on. After my conversation with Chris I must say I at this point I am not concened but I will be interested on how Chris responds to all this as well as how Bob Dewaay responds.

I however would not have went to the meeting for the following reasons.

1. Rick Warren is famed for how charming he can be. I believe Rick has a deceptive spirit around him though. For more on this turn your Bibles to Danial 8:23-24.

2. Rick Warren and what he does is very much out in the public. He is a member of the Council of Foreign Relation and spoke at the Davos conferance with Emergent Church leader Brian McLaren

read this article by Joe Farah and the Davos article by Herescope.



I really dont have anything to say to Rick Warren but repent and stop deceiving the thousands of churches in the Body of Christ with all his false teachings and associations.

I do not believe anything outside of a direct act from God would convince Rick Warren to repent and cease his false teaching and leading the Body of Christ astray.

But God is still a God of Miracles.

He is also a God that will turn you over to a reprobate mind if you dont repent.

Out of all the people invited( which the list included Deb and Dave Dombrowski, Ingrid, James Sundquist among some others) only Chris and Bob decided to go on Rick Warrens dime.

Im sure Saddleback and Warren checked damage control and sought the blogs and website’s with the most hits wanting to get the most bang for his buck.

Warren may be a lot of things but he is a brilliant businessman and knows how to do damage control.

At least thats my opinion.

Sad but I think no matter how Chris or Bob respond this is a win-win for Rick Warren because he paid their way.

Ingrids refusal publically on her website stated it best I thought.


I was personnally not invited to this meeting and would not go anywhere with Rick Warren picking up my tab. I would not spend a penny of that guys money period.

The bad thing about all this was that Abanes has run rapant on Chris’s blog with his usual half truth’s and lying tongue.

Richard even stated that this meeting was cancelled on another website because no one took Warrens offer which of course was not a true statement.

I asked Chris if he knew of any meeting that was supposed to have included Richard Abanes, he stated he hadnt heard of any other meeting that would have included Richard.

Update-In speaking with Chris on the phone today 5/30/2008 Chris stated to me that in a 3 hour meeting with Richard Abanes (he recently had) Richard indeed stated that there was another meeting that was supposed to take place with such heavy hitter such as Pastor John MacArthur. Since Pastor John didnt show up along with some others the meeting Richard was to supposably be part of was cancelled . This was also confirmed with someone from Saddleback church as well according to Chris. I will let you take away what you want and decide for yourselves what really happened. I personnally think Richard has a real problem with the truth. But thats my opinion because of Richards track record.

In the interest of truth I wanted to put that out there. Tim

Read my comments about that here


Maybe Richard is not as close a confidant as I have thought he was with Rick Warren.

But who really know’s.

 Richard appears to like to inflate the truth most of all when it includes himself.

Anyway I spoke to Chris today and he has stated he is working on a article and it would be up on his blog soon.

So of course its best to let Chris speak for himself , which Im sure he will do.

I have heard nothing about a responce from Bob Dewaay and I dont know him. But I would hope that he will respond as he is lead by the Lord.

Again Im not exactly sure of what would motivate anyone to sit at a table outside of a public arena with Rick Warren.

Most of all not on Ricks dime.

Plus the meeting was invitation only and not open to the public.

Jesus of course did nothing in secret.

 I know these invitation only meetings go on ten fold in the false teachers camps but I personally would not want to have been party to anything not out in the public arena where the true and false can be seen by everyone.

If there is nothing to hide-nothing will be hidden.

We”l see how this all plays out. Though I commend Chris and Bob for taking the time not just to react. But to sit and think prayfully about how they will respond.

If I had a tape of this meeting it would be out on U Tube whenever I got it and let the public take away what they will from it.

But Chris and Bob are accountable to God to respond as they see fit.

We will see what happens.

Tim Wirth



13 Responses to “Rick Warrens Invitation Only Meeting with Chris Rosebrough and Bob Dewaay”

  1. SEK said


    I am a member of TCF Church and Pastor Bob DeWaay is my Pastor.

    Your reader and you have not got all the facts.

    First Pastor Bob did not attend the entire conference as did Chris. Pastor Bob arrived on Thursday to meet with RW.

    Next the reason he went was to preach the Gospel to RW.

    There was no compromise.


  2. SEK said

    I forgot to provide a link to the audio of our Sunday School class. Advance to 30:20 to here Pastor Bob’s report.

    [audio src="http://www.twincityfellowship.com/audio/bss/20080525_tcf_bss.mp3" /]

  3. Bob DeWaay said

    This is Bob DeWaay.

    The meeting with Warren was not about him trying to charm us or us being charmed. We contended with him the whole time about preaching Christ, sola scriptura, the need for the gospel (not just how to prescriptions) why we disagree with PDL, why we disagree with church growth theory, etc. The last thing I told him was that he cannot have a “reformation” based on general revelation. After the meeting with Warren we discussed the same issues with his chief of staff. I have no idea if Warren is going to listen to what we said and start preaching the gospel. But to say that it is a sin to contend with a preacher about the need for gospel preaching makes absolutely no sense to me. I gave him a copy of my book and our Berean’s Discernment guide. So if he reads either he will know exactly how extensive our disagreements are. But yes the meeting was cordial and he treated both Chris and I with kindness. He wanted to know why we oppose his movement. He did not try to get us to join him.

  4. Darrell said

    Ahh, but Pastor Bob, it’s not like Rick has not been told before… many times. Rick Warren is very aware about your disagreements, no matter how smooth he was in talking to you. You fell for the “dialoguing” trap instead of declaring the truth to him and calling him to repentance fore leading many astray. His “coridal kindness doesn’t mean all that much when he is willingly leading sheep astray.

  5. I listened to Bob Dewaays comments on the link to his sermon and report to his home church. It seems that Bob came away with a different impression then the reporst I got from Chris when I spoke to him on the phone earlier this week. I will comment on all this and Bobs tape at a later date I do have some very big concerns though that are scripturally based. Here is a comment that stood out to me because I got the same impression. This comment was from Chris’s Extreme Theology blog.
    comment by-Tony
    “Just thought this was worth pointing out. In blogs like this, I see Rick’s theology questioned quite a bit. These quotes are from the Bob Dewaay sermon linked above.

    “Pastor Rick listened with kindness and respect to everything we said. There was no acrimony. Mostly, he said, when we (brought up) points, “Yeah, I agree with that.” He was agreeing with us on our theology. There were NO DIFFERENCES IN THEOLOGY that I know of other than we have a chasm as far as a difference in ministry philosophy.”
    [emphasis added]

    “The chasm between Chris Rosebrough and me and Rick Warren that exists is based on ministry philosophy primarily. Privately we agree on most doctrines.”

    Posted by: Tony | May 28, 2008 at 11:38 PM
    Again the impression I got from Chris was different from what Bob seems to be stating in his taped comments.
    I need to sit and reflect on this and search the scriptures before I comment on this. Plus I want to see what Chris will say on his blog.
    We all need to be in prayer for Chris and Bob as well as all the discernment ministries.
    Tim Wirth

  6. Paula said

    “Privately we agree on most doctrines”

    Frankly that is worthless. I would suggest that the Judaizers mentioned in Galatians privately agreed with Paul on most doctrines. So come out and call him anathema like Paul did, pastor Bob.

    The fact that you and Chris both seem far more conciliatory than you did before the meeting is a big old red flag to me, and I think that is exactly what Rick was aiming for.

    It is not the going which upsets me, but the handling of the reporting both by Bob and Chris. Comments and personal observations that were made publicly, when sitting in the capacity of leader/teacher should not be shared wth one group and not another, or they should not have been shared in that context.

    In addition, Chris should make the audio public. It was given as a public record, and for accountability’s sake it should be made available. If you have both decided you don’t need to be accountable here well so be it but that is not what a transparent leader does.

  7. Paula said

    “The meeting with Warren was not about him trying to charm us or us being charmed.”

    I’m sure that’s also exactly what Rick wants you to think. Rick probably isn’t even completely aware of his own mixed motives. If you don’t realize that it was about that, even if only on a spiritual level (with Rick being used as a tool of Satan to slow you down) that also worries me.

  8. Tim et al:

    I think the best thing we can do now is pray. Second-guessing etc will not do us any good, and does not work the righteousness of God. Let us encourage our brothers to stand now, instead of shooting those of us who may waiver.

  9. K Jentoft said

    R. Abanes has said,”I applaud Dewaay for his candor, honesty, integrity, and spirit of genuine care/concern, and openness to hearing what Warren actually believes theologically. I am hoping that many individuals will see that this is all little more than an issue of ministry philosophy, rather than the emergence of some bizarre Warren Smith-esk, conspiratorial, one-world, New Age religion with Warren playing the lead Pide Piper!”

    I am a good friend of Pastor DeWaay and attend his church. Bob DeWaay’s position on Rick Warren has not changed. Bob Dewaay never hated Rick Warren, he had concerns about his teaching – a ministry philisophy that doesn’t preach the gospel or confess Christ. This is not a minor issue. Bob’s concern about Rick Warren was and still is that Rick Warren does not preach the gospel, not that he doesn’t believe it. Here is a statement prepared by Pastor DeWaay concerning the issues raised in this blog. K. Jentoft

    May 31, 2008

    I wrote my book, Redefining Christianity, assuming that Rick Warren actually believes the Saddleback Church’s statement of faith, but that he refuses to preach it because he wants to be popular with the world and grow his movement. I still think that could still be true—I give him the benefit of the doubt.

    At the Saddleback Church conference he was speaking of winning souls for Christ and talking about his father’s legacy of building churches and winning souls. More than likely he believes Baptist doctrine. But along the way he was derailed by reading the church growth theory of Donald McGavran. While in seminary I studied under a disciple of McGavran. McGavran’s book was required reading. His philosophy hinges on this idea: “people do not become Christian for theological reasons, but for sociological ones.”

    Rick Warren believed McGavran and set out to study people to find out what makes them tick so he could get them into church — thus “Saddleback Sam.” Purpose Driven is a franchise system to multiply this idea into other churches. Warren tells pastors that they do not have to change any doctrine to join his movement. The reason for that is that doctrine becomes unimportant because it is no longer taught. I don’t think Rick Warren changed his Baptist doctrine either; he just doesn’t allow it to determine what he teaches and what he does. When we met that is what I challenged him about.

    So I have not moved in my beliefs nor have I changed my position on any doctrines I have preached.

    I will not allow myself to be pitted against any of Warren’s critics. I read Warren Smith’s book and spoke with him on the phone. He is a wonderful brother. The New Age implications are in Rick Warren’s movement and are helping lead toward a One World church. But because he has publicly made statements besides his statement of faith that he believes there is a literal hell and that people without Christ will go there, I don’t believe Rick Warren is a true New Age believer, and neither does Warren Smith. Warren Smith simply says there are New Age implications to what Rick Warren is doing, and I agree with him.

    Tomorrow morning I will make a statement clarifying what I mean when I said that we did not have theological disagreements in our meeting. Rick Warren did not disagree with my positions on doctrine in our meeting. But he did not comment on everything I said. Please read my book, because in it I point out that Rick Warren privately affirms orthodox Christian theology—he did so again in our presence. So this is not news worthy.

    To set the record straight, for those who think I am suddenly okay with Rick Warren – I am not. I asked him to preach Christ and honor the idea of scripture alone – and I pointed out that he cannot have a “reformation” based on general revelation.

    These are huge issues and he did not say he was going to change anything—but he did not disagree. Do Warren’s supporters really think that having an orthodox theology in private is all that God expects of a preacher? Do they think we should not hold Rick Warren accountable to sola scriptura? Do they think that we can have any old ministry philosophy even if doing so totally changes the definition of the church and her message from how the Bible defines them?

    I challenge Rick Warren’s supporters to step up to the plate and demand that Rick Warren repent, as I requested him to do in my book. That statement is posted at http://www.twincityfellowship.com/special/appeal.pdf Otherwise they have no business claiming that I agree with them.

    Bob DeWaay

  10. Open Letter and James Sundquist Response to Rick Warren and Erik Rees

    Dear Rick Warren & Erik Rees,

    I am in receipt of both of your invitations to your May 20-22, 2008 PDC Conference, enclosed at the end of this letter. I am compelled to respond after praying and seeking the multitude of Godly counsel.

    I was a little surprised to finally hear from you years after I first confronted you by email but never heard back from you, or any time since both of my books on you were published. I was further surprised that you would send an invitation with such short notice to plan a trip there. You have required that I remain silent for three days before I am allowed to speak. The Apostle Paul did not teach that we are required to remain silent if what we are presented with is false teaching.

    I am further surprised at this invitation because from your own lips you stated that you did not respond to detractors. You also would have to consider me a 21st Century enemy, since I am what you call a Fundamentalist Christian. If I am the false teacher, then you need to expose and rebuke me publicly before your church, this conference, and the church at large. But your must refute me from Scripture. You have invoked Matthew 5:44-46, positioning yourself as the victim being persecuted. You have rendered me the enemy with this quote. The Apostle Peter says it is of no credit if you are being persecuted and deserve the persecution. Which one of the Apostles and Prophets of old have ever presented the demon-possessed, the demonically-inspired, the homosexual activist, the atheist, the spiritists, the mystics, and the necromancers favorably to the people, as you have done inside as well as outside of your Purpose Driven Life book? The answer: none of them. And when did Jesus teach his Disciples to do anything like that? Same question applies to your interview with Charlie Rose, August 17, 2006, when you said you told Eric Sawyer, gay activist leader: “how can I help you get your message out?” And yet you invite Senator Obama to speak at your church, who celebrates and now endorses the California Supreme Court Decision making gay marriage legal, above the Word of the Living God. You have put the church in great peril by both your actions and appearance of evil. Jesus and his Apostles would never have countenanced your promotion of such an abomination. In your USA Today Interview 7/21/03, you stated that Mormonism was just another Christian denomination rather than a false religion, in which Mormon Doctrine, Jesus has a brother named Lucifer, easily refuted by John 3:16 which states that Jesus is the ONLY begotten Son. One of their baptism songs teach that you go back to be with God. Your gospel presented in the Ladies Home Journal is not The Gospel but another gospel! Former Roman Catholic priest Richard Bennett has proven that your Roman Catholic Purpose Driven teachings are apostate. The Apostle Paul preached Christ crucified in synagogues. Rick Warren preaches no gospel in synagogues.

    You state that I do not know your motivation. To a great extent that is not relevant. I do not even know you personally; it is your teaching that I oppose publicly, for your teachings are public and damnable heresies! And a good tree does not produce corrupt fruit!

    If you have read either of my books: Who’s Driving the Purpose Driven Church or Rick Warren’s Global Peace Plan vs. Scriptural Teachings on Peace about you, which are published by Southwest Radio Church, you would know what my motivations are, and that is to compare your teachings to Scripture as every good Berean must do, as well as to help bring the Balm of Gilead to the wounded saints in response to the host of calls and letters I continue to receive from churches throughout the world who have been split or destroyed by your teachings and unbiblical enforced covenants you have implemented.

    I am perfectly ready and eager to meet with you publicly when I have received a letter on your letterhead that you are ready to repent publicly before your own congregation and the church at large for your extensive false teachings. Your letter must include making restitution to all of those saints whom you have left strewn and dismembered by the propeller of your Purpose-Driven Ship, and renounce your Jung-rooted occult-based Personality Profiling. Upon receipt of this letter,I will then stand with you before the public and rejoice with you. You should also go on Fox News and renounce the infomercials they have run in your behalf.

    Speaking of invitations, I invite you and the members of your church to read my articles on your SHAPE program published in:

    Sept 2007 Journal of Apologetics: Vol 10, California Biblical University and Seminary P.O. Box 7447, Orange, CA 92863, 1-800-41-TRUTH (1-800-418-7884) / http://www.cbusedu.org


    A Critique of the Purpose-Driven Life, Part I & II, The Conservative Theological Journal Volume 9, No. 27, and Volume 9 no. 28, August, Sept, 2005, Tyndale Theological Seminary, http://www.conservativeonline.org


    Listen to Dr. John MacArthur’s Audio Sermon 3:14 minute excerpt exposing the apostasy of Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life book:

    I am biblically justified and mandated to oppose you because you are a wolf in sheep’s clothing and a destroyer of the brethren, masquerading as a servant of righteousness.

    Until the Lord grants you repentance, I am not willing to attend your conference this week or any of your Global Peace Plan training conferences, but will continue to oppose you by speaking and preaching publicly in writing and on the various national and international radio programs I frequent.

    These Scriptures will also confirm why I will not attend your training conference:

    Ephesians 5:11
    II John 10
    Titus 3:10
    Galatians Chapter One
    Book of Jude

    Sincerely in Christ,

    James Sundquist
    Rock Salt Publishing


    Pastor Bob DeWaay Redefining Christianity, Understanding the Purpose Driven Movement, http://www.cicstore.org/servlet/the-1/Redefining-Christianity–dsh–Understanding/Detail
    Warren Smith, Deceived on Purpose, http://www.eaec.org/bookstore/books/deceived_on_purpose.htm
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    Mike Corley, Resisting The Purpose Driven,Published March 25th, 2008 by Editor in Purpose Driven, Resisting The Purpose Driven on The Mike Corley Program
    Not all of what is involved with the Purpose Driven Life movement is warm and fuzzy. On this program, Mike shares yet another tragic story of someone who dared to question the purpose driven lie.
    Today, the testimony of two men in Virginia who resisted the 40 Days of Purpose in their church and the shocking,but sadly, not surprising results of their unwillingness to compromise and follow the PDL. Click here to listen now.
    Pastor Larry DeBruyn, Church on the Rise: Why I am not a Purpose-Driven Pastor, http://www.crosstalkamerica.com/shows/2008/01/why_i_am_not_a_purpose_driven.php
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    Paul Proctor, News with Views, http://www.newswithviews.com/PaulProctor/proctor114.htm
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    Orrel Steinkamp, Schuller Planted, Hybels Watered, Warren (Peter Drucker) Gives The Increase, The Plumbline, Volume 10, No. 3, November/December 2005 he cross ends up obscured. When the cross is obscured sinners go unsaved.
    Dr. Robert Klenck, Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life: A Rebuttal, http://www.johncoleman.org/Bob%20Klenck%20Page.htm
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    Pastor Perry Rockwood, The People’s Gospel Hour, Canada, http://www.tpgh.org/

  11. Stuart said

    Hi Tim,

    I found your blog via apprising.org and share the concerns mentioned in previous posts.

    Part of our problem is our ignorance of history. We fail to realize the “slippery” use of language by those who wish to blend in with the Christian faithful. (Bob DeWaay does an excellent job of discussing this in his book Redefining Christianity. One can “confess” to a creed or code of doctrines and not really mean it! Or, for that matter, one can say he knows God, yet lie about it, see 1 John 2:3-4.)

    One great historical analogy in the last 100 years in American church history is J. Gresham Machen, who courageously stood against those who spoke out of two sides of their mouth in the PCA. John Piper has a good message explaining the issue of “language” and how we need to be discerning just because someone uses the same words we do:


    As Paul said to Timothy, let us all watch our lives and our doctrine. Good trees cannot produce bad fruit (but are planted through grace alone in Christ), neither can bad trees produce good fruit.


  12. As a “victim” of the PDL dismemberment program referred to by James Sundquist,I respectfully wish to share a few thoughts:

    The list of Warren’s invitees represents faithful Contenders of the Faith in this very dark hour. The meeting did raise legitimate concern for many observers, and I appreciate that Pastor Bob and Chris Rosebrough are publically sharing their perspectives of the experience.

    Interesting to see that only TWO WITNESSES of the God of the Bible made the meeting. TWO WITNESSES who contend for the faith, and spoke the Truth in love.

    “Where two or more are gathered, there I will be in their midsts”. Many recognize this verse as Christ’s establishing the concept of loving correction and discipline within the body of Christ.

    That’s what seemed to have had occured at this meeting. TWO WITNESSES were sent to warn a king. Those who declined the invitation and those who did not acted on their convictions. These convictions and subsequent choices deserve respect. I would be afraid for these TWO WITNESSES if they felt convicted to attend, and failed to do so.

    Oh that God is so merciful to continue to extend multiple opportunities for us all to repent, including Rick Warren and the thousands of pastors who are blinded by this movement.

    Thank you Pastor Bob DeWaay & Chris Rosebrough for your courage, faithfulness and your witness at Saddleback. The Trumpet has been sounded again, only the Lord knows if it will be the last chance for Saddleback to repent.

    Thank you to all the ministries referenced here that work tirelessly to pull others from the fire ( I was one )by the proclaiming the Truth of God’s Word.

    Tim, thanks for the opportunity to share this on your blog.

  13. […] Rick Warrens Invitation Only Meeting with Chris Rosebrough and Bob Dewaay, 2008/06/02 at 1:15 […]

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