A Common Word Between Us and You

May 18, 2008

Great new article about Rick Warren and the Muslims and the other evangelical leaders who have signed a interfaith deal with unbelievers.

A Common Word Between Us and You,” was signed by 138 Muslim scholars, clerics, and intellectuals from all over the world. Claiming common ground shared by Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Saying this is about “building true communities of justice, peace, and a lasting security for all,” Sound familiar; it’s not as if this hasn’t been tried before.  The Vatican seemed to stand more on Christian principles, unfortunately, others did not. They responded in afar more conducive manner showing a lack of wisdom.

The statement was well received by scholars at the Yale Center for Faith and Culture. Moved by the “Muslim hand of conviviality and cooperation extended to Christians worldwide,” in response they extended their “own Christian hand in return,…so that we may live in peace and justice, loving God and neighbors.”After 138 Muslim scholars and clerics sent an open letter “to leaders of Christian churches, everywhere,” titled A Common Word Between Us and You, ( at www.acommonword.com.) many of America’s top Christian leaders and scholars signed onto a response of support to “A Common Word Between Us and You.”

The following response was drafted by scholars at Yale Divinity School’s Center for Faith and Culture. In the name of the Infinitely Good God whom we should love with all our being, Loving God and Neighbor Together: A Christian Response to A Common Word Between Us and You.” In the Preamble Yale’s scholars claim that Christians sinned against Muslims in the Crusades, and still do so by our “excesses in the war on terror. many Christians have been guilty of sinning against our MuslimThey say that if we could achieve religious peace with Muslims, world peace would likely follow.




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