Richard Abanes Spokesperson for Saddleback and Rick Warren?

May 17, 2008

Now Richard Abanes has stated time and time again that he is not a official or unofficial spokesperson for Rick Warren but yet Richard states in another blog the following statement
“Another article might be appropriate in response to what has JUSt transpired regarding the special “critics” session that Rick Warren was hoping to hold with his most vocal critics –

The results are in – out of the many critics invited (I have the list) – not a SINGLE person accepted except for Chris Rosebrough of Extremetheology blog.

So, the critics have shown their true motives – not reconciliation, not face-to-face correction, not personal confrontation, but attacks from behind the safety of computer screens, using digital assaults that can reach out far and wide, but without any accountability – without the courage to actually speak with someone in person.

As for Chris Rosebrough, the guy has insulted me, angered me, frustrated me, and failed in my book when it comes to apologetics and dealing with Rick Warren — BUT, at least he had the courage to take that invitation and would have been there.

Sadly, because no one responded, the golden opportunity has been canceled.

RAbanes end quote

Richard is confusing you can even tell by his statement on his website that states he authored or co-authored NEARLY 20 books.
You have either authored or co-authored a certain number of books or not what does nearly mean?

Sorry back to the topic thats the least of the Abanes confusion but on Richards own site he states.
“ATTENTION: I am not now, nor have I ever been, a spokesperson (official or unofficial) for Rick Warren, Saddleback Church, or any affiliates of Saddleback Church, including Purpose Driven Ministries and Moroever,
I have never been contracted or requested by Rick Warren, Saddleback, or any of its affiliates to publicly defend or discuss criticisms of Warren, his books, or his ministry. The comments contained in these articles are my own personal opinions expressed in response to Warren’s critics, and are based on my own investigation and research into Warren (as I have detailed in my book Rick Warren and the Purpose that Drives Him).”
source -
But yet as you see above from Richards own comments he makes a statement that the he has the list and speaks on behalf of Saddleback to say that the meeting with the critics is cancelled do to non-responce.
I have yet to see Saddleback Church or Rick Warren make a statement that the meeting is cancelled.
Again Ingrids own comments on why she would not attend states it best.
“I am in receipt of your invitation offering an all-expenses paid trip to Saddleback’s worship conference. I cannot accept your invitation. In the world of live church webcasts, book publishers, websites and so on, it is no longer necessary to travel to see a church to understand what it is all about. Your pastor’s copious writings, speeches and sermons are online and available for everyone to see and analyze in the light of God’s Word.

Read the rest of Ingrids comments here

My whole point on this is the typical double speak and deception of men like Richard Abanes and Rick Warren.
Abanes states over and over that he does not speak for Rick Warren but on the other hand he spends a large amount of time all over the internet telling us all how Rick Warren thinks and feels about things.
And then makes statements on behalf of Saddleback and Rick Warren that Ricks little Q&A are canceled.
Perhaps folks should just listen again to Todd Friels Way of the Master video with Rick Warrens own words and tell me if you think you need to sit down and talk with a guy like that and talk?
What Warren does and says is all over the net anyway.

Richard Abanes also stated this in another blog

“RA: I have been posting about Rick Warren on blogs and at my own site for barely 5 months,


Most all of us that know and have dealt with Richard in the past know this is a flat out lie. Ive been debating Abanes since around early 2005 all over the internet starting at Tim Challis website. Richard had a website at that time as well with his usual method of spin on behalf of Rick Warren.

In conclusion you need to decide who to believe.

Most importantly using scripture to measure things up with.

Richard has not replied yet to the Way of the Master U Tube words of his pastor.

Because even Richard cant spin Rick Warrens words there.


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