The ‘ism’ behind Warren-e-lism by Steve Muse

April 26, 2008

The ‘ism’ behind Warren-e-lism


I carefully read through each of these articles just last week and I did find them refreshing but I do have a disagreement with their views on Rick Warren’s concern for evangelism. I have watched many videos and heard many audios of Rick Warren and without fail he never gets to the issues of evangelism; quite the opposite, he willingly avoids the issue. Rick may be telling others at conventions and conferences something different but I am most deeply disturbed by his public presentation.

Rick Warren and many other postmodern types of ministries have approached evangelism from a new paradigm. The model has changed from using the Word of God, to building relationships and becoming friends and then eventually Christianizing them, not to a real conversion in Christ, but to the tune of a different gospel, even a different (view of ) Christ altogether. I have seen this happening as the major emphasis on evangelism has changed through the efforts of the International Congress on World Evangelization and the Lusanne Covenant. YWAM has been using this same model for years through the input of C. Peter Wagner and Fuller Theological Seminary where Rick Warren was involved. A course is being taught internationally called “The Perspectives Course” and this is being embraced by all denominations across the board as the new view to evangelization, throwing out the biblical models as not being relevant any longer.

When asked directly, Rick Warren avoided the opportunity on the Larry King show to bring the real message of salvation to those watching, and when Larry King pushed him on this issue, Rick changed the subject and rushed into telling a story having nothing to do with Larry’s attempt to get Rick to speak of Jesus Christ. I think Larry King even realized something was not quite right here.

Some of my emails have come from people who have left Saddleback. They tell me hardly anyone carries a Bible anymore and the gospel is not being preached, and the writers of these emails have said they were encouraged not to carry their Bibles or to use personal evangelism with anyone on the Saddleback campus and even in their approach to evangelism in their communities. This caused them to look elsewhere for a Bible believing church.

How long will we continue to pander and flatter each other and not face or speak the truth concerning one another. We support each others ministries so as to be spiritually and politically correct at the expense of the many souls perishing because of the need to enhance our image and build our own kingdoms to impress each other. We have written many times to ask the question with no answers.

Anyway, these are just a few of my concerns with this behemoth ministry of PD programs that lead us only to an increase in ourselves and a decrease in the real Jesus Christ.

Steve Muse
Eastern Regional Watch


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