Purpose Driven is a new religion

April 17, 2008

I have been stating this for sometime that Rick Warren has created a new religion with purpose driven. Notice the Mormons use the King James bible as well.

They just add their writings and books (Pearl of Great Price, Book of Mormon) to the bible. Warren does the same thing in turning people to his own purpose driven bible and man made methods.

In Rwanda right now ”

Think about the reasons why you were created and why you survived. I think there is no coincidence why this year mourning comes when all Christians in Rwanda are in 40 days of purpose.

During this period Christians are requested to read one chapter of Purpose Driven Life book by Pastor Rick Warren each day and to have one small group discussion called cells in a week.

I would encourage all Rwandans to participate in these 40 days of purpose as we mourn and remember our dear one, so that we could get hope in life.” end quote


Notice how Rick Warren and his followers are turning people toward purpose driven and not to their bibles. Now Im sure that Rick and his followers are not telling anyone to not read their bibles but instead putting their focus on Rick Warrens man made religion.

Rick also used a good deal of his Acts of Mercy foundation cash to fly pastors to Saddleback to teach them purpose driven.

Again notice where the focus is but not on Gods Word but Ricks word  (which is often a distortion of Gods Word).

Again look at the root of Rick Warren and Saddleback Church.

Warren sought the council of the unsaved (not Gods Word) on how to do church this is well documented fact.

This is what Saddleback grew out of. And being that Warren is a brilliant businessman this has all succeeded quite well and grew to network and infect other churches.

And Christianity around the world but most of all here in America has been weakened.

I am glad that here in America people are starting to wake up and see what Rick Warren is really all about.


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