The Richard Abanes Delusion

April 14, 2008

Very good article that gives insight to the real Richard Abanes-I Found this on the Encountering Truth blog


Have you experienced the Richard Abanes Delusion?

Richard Abanes, the self proclaimed cult expert seems to be more of a person protecting their financial investment than someone who represents a Christian or biblical perspective. Richard Abanes never addresses the real issues concerning Rick Warren. Reading through Abanes articles on Warren Smith like “Self-Deceived On Purpose”, “Still Self-Deceived On Purpose” and “The Rick Warren-Antichrist Conspiracy” The overwhelming focus seems more to try to characterize Warren Smith as “delusional” this character assassination and sensationalism is what writer Abanes is all about. I challenge him to produce evidence on his false accusations of Dave Hunt. Also where is his creditability?  He wrote books, ok, so has Dan Brown. He wrote books about Mormonism, ok, there has been many other better books on Mormonism before and after what Abanes wrote. Also Most of His books on Mormonism are cheap copies of better books and sources. I mean who really takes a guy who thinks hes a “cult expert” or an “authority on world religions” who spends the majority of his time combing the internet and then personally attacking and misrepresenting those who would find fault in  UnBiblical views such as in the Purpose Driven Life.

Richard Abanes states: “It is my opinion that Smith—a former New Ager who was traumatized by his experiences in the movement—has become lost in a delusional, paranoid, conspiratorial world of his own making. In his zeal to expose the New Age, he has unwittingly allowed the New Age to still control his life. He interprets all reality, all people, all events, all experiences through the filter of his past involvement with the New Age. Everything he sees, reads, and hears is run through this filter. If someone happens to say/write something even remotely similar to something he happened to hear/read while in the New Age, then Smith interprets it as having New Age implications (or somehow being indirectly connected to the New Age).”

Then what follows in Richards attempt to try to refute Warren’s message. This is an example of another personal attack and then an attempt of “Psychologising” by a man who claims to be an expert in almost everything now he is a Psychologist. Again I challenge Abanes to either produce evidence that Mr. Warren Smith truly thinks and filters all reality like that, which Abanes can’t, then Abanes needs to repent and apologize publicly. After Richard tries to do some character assassination, he tries to act noble like he’s just trying to bring unity. With his statement: “This is a terrific blow to the church in general, which is supposed to be unified in faith, hope, and love. Smith, however, is destroying this unity via misinformation, disinformation, inaccurate reporting of the facts, half-truths, attempts at character assassination, accusatory innuendo, and at times, outright lies.” This is more of an apt description of Richard Abanes.

So much of Richard Abanes “refutations” of what Warren was saying are simple straw man arguments. Richard will edit quotes from Warren then take a small part of what he was saying and reason it away. I know that Richard has a lot of time on his hands or maybe he’s more worried about trying to stay in the lime light than being reasonable about the truth. Of course some of what Warren Smith says is his opinion, but its not an unreasonable perspective on what is taking place. If Rick Warren has nothing to do with Robert Schuler then why is he listed on Schulers site as being mentored by Robert Schuler:

There are many examples of Abanes misrepresenting people. here is a great example

Maybe Richard Abanes needs to stop attacking people like Warren Smith, Roger Oakland, Dave Hunt (who wrote a great critique of the Purpose Driven life), and Chuck Smith ( who actually knows and teaches from the Bible). Abanes normally replies with the standard all these people are lying and if they would just call Warren then all of this would be easily taken care of. This just shows how simplistic and uninformed Abanes is about doctrine and theology. I’ve listened to Abanes’ very short clips of Warren talking about Hell, Salvation and other things, and it misses the point, you can collect over the years short excerpts on the cross, Hell, Forgiveness, and other things. He uses the same vocabulary but a different dictionary. No one ever says that Rick Warren has never taught out of the Bible, but it is rare and most of the time what is given with one hand is taken back with the other with qualifications.

Something that Abanes isn’t telling you is that he isn’t concerned with the truth no matter what is said about Rick Warren hes going to defend him, and no matter what position Rick Warren takes Abanes is going to tell you that is a great one. ( I don’t have to understand Abanes’ heart but we know whats its characteristics are, Jeremiah 17:9, One can just look at the way he defends Rick Warren with out regard for the truth or context.) Just think of him as a lawyer who was hired to represent some one, it doesn’t matter what the facts are or the truth, he’s going to defend them and try to destroy the opposite view point. This is very clear in his article on Dave Hunt. Without facts or anything but his Rick Warren worshiping opinion, he says all these things about Hunt with out evidence. Its clear the Abanes can’t refute what Dave Hunt presents in his critique of Warren and the purpose driven life, So he results to cheap shots and lies.

( to note: deleted from the new edition of Walter Martin’s Kingdom of the Cults is “Appendix B: The Word Faith Movement” by Richard Abanes) Abanes says there is much more to this than people know. I can give him that, but if its anything like his generic and copied work on Mormonism then the reasons for removing it might just be simpler then he wants us to know.

Also Rick Warren has endorsed the Emerging Church movement. He wrote a foreword for a book written by Dan Kimball titled The Emerging Church: Vintage Christianity for New Generations (Kimball is a leader in the movement). The attempt Abanes makes to defend this issue is only superficial. Even if he could prove that Warren didn’t know what he was endorsing he still fails to show that Warren has taken a stance against this growing heretical movement. Also any stance Warren would make would only be an attack on many of Warrens non stances on truth and attacks on Fundamental Christianity. ( Christian Fundamentalism being a belief that the Bible is true and is to be taken seriously. the term was coined after a compilation of writings that were compiled that refuted modernism, actively affirmed a fundamental set of Christian beliefs: the inerrancy of the Bible, Sola Scriptura, the virgin birth of Christ, the doctrine of substitutionary atonement, the bodily resurrection of Jesus, and the imminent personal return of Jesus Christ.) Despite the ever panicking finger point to the SBC statement of faith every time something is mentioned about not affirming Biblical doctrine, we can see the slander of the idea of definition and idea Fundimentalism by Warren on many occasions. (interview with Steve Cobert)

The issue of Rick Warrens support for the Emergent Movement only gets a lame response by Abanes that doesn’t come close to addressing the issue he makes the point that not all the emergent church is the same. by the time he gets done addressing this issue hes changed the question and answered what wasn’t asked. These tactics are classic Abanes dodge the question and attack method. Richard Abanes seriously needs to start being honest and we can all pray that he starts caring about the truth. Richard Abanes has a financial investment in Rick Warren he doesn’t have any investment for what is right or Biblical. If any one is familiar with simple logic trys to follow the Abanes rhetoric they will see his writings exalting his ego while he smothers truth for the sake of his selfish investment and foundation-less convictions.

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