Deceived on Purpose

April 14, 2008




.by Warren Smith





I own the second edition of this book and I reread it recently because of some of the opposition and accusations coming from Richard Abanes about the author and the book. It is a very good book, well researched and solid biblical caution raised to the wind about Rick Warren the real purpose and new age implications of the purpose driven church. Perhaps the real purpose  that drives Rick Warren.

Here is a exert from a review of Warrens book by Tim Challis-

It is no great surprise that this book has been published by a small publishing company (Mountain Streams Press). While it is well-written, well-researched and convincing, it deals with a subject matter most publishers will want to avoid. Despite being confined to small distribution channels, I was glad to see that it is in its second edition and that a third is underway. I believe it has many important things to say and that Christians need to evaluate the teachings of Warren to see if they are consistent with the Scriptures. “In these times of heightened danger and treacherous deception, we must always go to the Lord for truth and direction. Christians following deceived leaders will only end up deceived themselves. We must always measure everything by the true Word of God. Seek the truth and you will find it. Knock and the door will be opened. Ask God in sincerity and in true faith, and He will give you the wisdom you need…May we always have a love of the truth. May God give us wisdom and spiritual discernment as we seek to contend for the faith.” (Page 180)

Warren has written a book that is alarming, but not apocalyptic – a book that shows a love for the church and a godly concern for her welfare. I highly recommend this one.

here is a link to Tim’s review-


I also highly recommend this well written, biblically based, well thought out book.

Here is a link where you may buy this book.


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