Rick Warren Apologist Richard Abanes: Going soft on Mormonism, Is this the direction Rick Warren is Heading?

March 30, 2008

Very good article that I found on another blog by John Baker and thought it would be good for those who read this blog. People in Christianity are really starting to wake up from their purpose driven slumber many have been in because of the work of many out in the blog world-Tim

This past week I had an email exchange with Richard Abanes a journalist, who on his website acts as an apologist for Rick Warren. Or should I say a cleanup man, one who attempts to, as Mr. Abanes puts it  to” clarify” the controversial statements Rick Warren makes in public.Mr. Abanes thinks everyone just misunderstands Rick Warren, and that Mr. Warren actually takes great pains to clarify his statements to his Saddleback faithful, but unfortunately not to the wider public.What generated the email exchange was an article Mr. Abanes wrote on his web site called: Rick Warren and Fundamentalists where Mr. Abanes takes apart those he calls the “Heresy Hunters” for “jumping to incorrect conclusions” about Rick Warren.Mr. Abanes article is nothing more than rationalization and word play. He attempts to take very clear declarative derogatory statements in regards to Fundamentalists that Rick Warren makes to the wider secular main stream media and attempts to say that Rick Warren is not deriding all Fundamentalists but only a select few that Mr. Abanes says are those:“who use their religion/beliefs to attack, hate, be intolerant of others, remain closed-minded to unfamiliar ideas, and stay cold-hearted to those who are not like them. Their goal is the manipulation of power, authoritarian influence, maintaining control over others, political/spiritual oppression, and domination by force, intimidation, or rules of dos and don’ts.”

Many loaded words in that quotation, and ones that are used quite a bit these days to wrongly generalize and actually marginalize those who truly hold to the belief that Jesus is the only way by which a man must be saved, and those who truly believe that the Bible is the final and only inerrant inspired Word of God which directs man how he must be saved and how he should live.

Mr. Abanes attempts to say that the above is one of two types of Christian Fundamentalist, the other being those who are:

“the technical, religious kind, which would actually include Warren, myself, most evangelical churches, certainly the entire Southern Baptist Convention, Calvary Chapel churches, and anyone else who holds to the fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith”.

But what Mr. Abanes refuses to admit is that Rick Warren has every opportunity when making derogatory statements about Fundamentalists in public to clarify what he means. But he makes no attempt to. Mr. Abanes seems to think that the wider general public can know without that clarification what group Mr. Warren is referring to. This is nothing more than a ludicrous assumption on Mr. Abanes part. What Mr. Warren is actually doing is playing to and reinforcing the apostate and secular world’s view of those who hold to Biblical Fundamentalism, full stop!

Five ponts of Fundamentalsim:

1. The inspiration and inerrancy of Scripture
2. The deity of Jesus Christ
3. The virgin birth of Christ
4. The substitutionary, atoning work of Christ on the cross
5. The physical resurrection and the personal bodily return of Christ to the earth.

Mr. Warren on the Colbert Report said: A Fundamentalist is one who has stopped listening” He did not say a certain type of fundamentalist. He said “A Fundamentalist” Now I am not an English composition teacher, but I do know that when someone makes a statement such as Rick Warren made he is making a general all inclusive statement about a group not a particular subset which he conveniently does not mention.

Here is the deeply troubling aspect of both Mr. Abanes rationalization and Rick Warren’s “fruit” so to speak. It has become common today for those who like Rick Warren who claim to be Christian but who are actually working towards a universal all inclusive religion to say and even publish that they hold to Biblical Fundamentalism. But this is a thin veneer that they utilize to allow them to fly under the radar so to speak in order not to make explicit what they wish to remain cloaked.

The New Age movement died out in the late eighties and early nineties simply because overt New Age terminology was used, no attempt was made to hide the fact that it was diametrically opposed to Christianity. But as we know Satan is shrewd and ever attempting to thwart God’s plans so the New Age Movement made a comeback in the new Millennium repackaged with Christian Terminology.  Now what you see are those who claim to hold to Biblical Fundamentalism but who continually work to undermine Biblical Fundamentalism at every chance in the wider world. But knowing that they do have as their base thousands of misled Christians who do hear and see what is printed and spoken in the mainstream media, they offer them “clarifications” so that they can continue to dismantle Biblical Christianity, leaving their congregations in their “blind slumber”.

To give you an example of the reasoning that men like Mr. Abanes and Mr. Warren use, look at these excerpts from a Book by Mr. Abanes called: “Inside Today’s Mormonism”:


Notice this Sentence from the excerpt: “Evangelicals and Mormons can no longer view each other as Foes”

Mr. Abanes claims his book is meant to “inform” Evangelicals on what Mormons actually believe. But it is in fact nothing more than an attempt to break down the walls that divide Satanic Mormonism from Christianity, bridge the gap and join them together. Mr. Abanes is part of the post-modern group that believe if you “dialogue” with people in such false satanic based religions long enough that you can somehow bridge your differences and that the end result will be a new truth based on the “best” of both religions, a “New Understanding” Have you heard that before? I think Oprah Winfry is peddling that poisonous koolade now as well!

In their eyes Biblical Evangelism needs to be “tweaked”. Instead of preaching the unvarnished pure word of God. These men somehow think that they need to “perfect” God’s Word, to “clarify” it. And when it is “clarified” through dialogue with false religions then we will all find out that we are all (ALL RELIGIONS) seeking after the same “god”.

Sadly this is nothing more than Hegelian Dialectic Synthesis.  Where two opposing ideologies do not attempt to completely refute each others ideologies but come to a synthesis, or joining of their ideologies the result of which is a new “third way” which combines elements of both ideologies. It is key to understand that this is incompatible with Biblical Christianity. Biblical Christianity is based on antithesis. The ideology that there is a clear right and there is a clear wrong and there can never be a synthesis of the two to form a valid third way.

Unfortunately what allows men such as Mr. Abanes and Mr. Warren to get away with their “synthesis” is that the historical and Biblical ignorance of the average American Christian is at an all time low. Additionally those who lead Christian Congregations are not equipped; do not care to be equipped to teach their congregations via expository preaching of the Bible or to teach them the historical roots of the current pervasive ideology of Synthesis.

What irritates me about men such as Mr. Abanes is that he dearly wishes that those whom he calls “Heresy Hunters” would just shut up and be dumbed down by drinking the same poisonous koolade he has drunk! What he seems to forget is that his kind who have chosen to dumb themselves down were once the exception and not the rule. It is unfortunate that he cannot see that being “dumbed down” of which he is part is unfortunately now the rule instead of the exception. And it is all because him and others have chosen to “engage” and become part of the world around them, instead of “Being in the World, But not of it”!

Stand Fast!

John Baker

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