Becoming A Purpose Driven Resistor-Learning To Just Say No!!

March 25, 2008

Becoming A Purpose Driven Resistor- Learning To Just Say No!!

Why even be a Purpose Driven Resistor?
Isn’t Rick Warren doing some great things for God?
Why fight the Purpose Driven Life? Look how many books the guy has sold. Shouldn’t we just leave this alone and if its not of God it will go away (The Gamaliel excuse Acts 5:35-39 which is what many Christians quote if they don’t have the guts to act or speak against something that is not of the Lord Jesus-what about Buddhism and Hinduism-is that of God since its still around?-ask anyone who quotes that verse that question).

The first and best way to fight this movement is to pray. Pray that God will send a new hunger for His word among Christians. The best way to fight Rick Warrens man made movement is to get people to read the Bible and ask the Holy Spirit to lead them into all truth. If people compare Ricks teaching to scriptural teaching many will see that Emperor Rick is naked.

Problem 1 Rick Warren does not rightly divide the word of God. Ricks uses of multiple translations was my first red flag on purpose driven anything. I knew at that point that Rick picked and choose scripture to make his point.

Problem 2 Rick Warren constantly contradicts himself-Ive posted on this so scroll down and read the other articles. Here are a couple gems I found that may be of interest to you concerning this subject. The first one is from the man who profoundly influenced Rick namely Rober Schuller
The following quote is from a two hour interview with Michael Horton on The White Horse Inn radio program, Nov. 1992 (re-aired Aug. 10, 1997).

HORTON: Of course we would say that that the dual nature of Christ is a mystery but not a contradiction.SCHULLER: It is a contradiction, but you know what? Contradictions are ultimate points of creativity… end quote

Just something to think about. And when I did a search on the definition of contradiction I came up with this other gem from the Hegel glossary.
Contradiction”. . . the dialectic asserts that, when A is any category, except the Absolute Idea, whatever is A may be, and indeed must be, not-A also. . . . The dialectic does not reject [the] law [of contradiction]. An unresolved contradiction is, for Hegel as for every one else, a sign of error. The relation of thesis and antithesis derives its whole meaning from the synthesis, which follows them . . . . In fact, so far is the dialectic from denying the law of contradiction, that it is especially based on it. The contradictions are the cause of the dialectic process. But they can only be this if they are received as marks of error. . . . Truth consists, not of contradictions, but of moments which, if separated, would be contradictions, but which in their synthesis are reconciled and consistent.” J.M.E. McTaggart, Studies in the Hegelian Dialectic § 8.
To learn more about the Hagelian Dialectic Paul Proctor and Berit have some great articles.

Ricks message is self centered-PDL starts out with “Its not about you” and then centers the rest of the book on you. The Bible does not teach us to be lovers of self. Ricks whole movement is self centered and focused on man instead of God.

What do you think church should be like?

What kind of music do you like?

Ricks materials will make you think more about your self and your needs instead of God and worshipping God in spirit and in truth..
Its a very selfish movement.

Look at some of the fruit of the Purpose Driven movement
Amber Frey
This is a quote from my local newspaper the Modesto Bee
When first flipping on “Amber Frey: Witness for the Prosecution,” you might think you’ve stumbled across an infomercial for the bestselling book “The Purpose Driven Life.”
A quote from the spiritual self-help tome opens the CBS TV movie about Scott Peterson’s ex-girlfriend and references to it are peppered throughout the two-hour drama.
Amber is now doing speaking engagements.

Ashley Smith
Smith’s book will be released next week and will disclose that during the ordeal she gave him more than purpose. She also gave him methamphetamine. He initially asked her for marijuana, but since she was out of that drug, she supplied him with another.
Smith later told reporters how she had read Nicholas chapters from The Purpose Driven Life and she became an instant Christian celebrity. She quickly cashed in with a book and movie deal. She is also on the speaking circuit.
And of course there is the fruit of Richard Abanes unofficial spokesman for Rick Warren.

When you have a man made movement this is the fruit it will produce.
The most important reason to reject Rick Warren and his materials is because Rick denies Jesus Christ by not mentioning Jesus in articles and not telling the true gospel in articles like the Ladies Home Journal article. On the basis of this article alone we need to treat Rick like a unbeliever.

So what do you do when purpose driven comes to your church.
1.Educate people on how PDL and Rick Warrens teaching conflict with Gods word.
2. Don’t sign anything. Ive made it a practice not to sign anything in church-no membership agreements, not anything. We are already members of the Body of Christ if you are saved. No signature only belief in the saving gospel of Jesus Christ.
Rick and his gang has all kind of things for you to sign. Let your yes be yes and no mean no.
good link to articles

3.I think its really awful what Rick Warren will be doing in Rwanda do you think the people of Rwanda will have a choice to accept or reject Ricks man centered teaching? If you think they will have a choice once PDL is in place your wrong.
4. Do you want your church to end up like this-no matter how many people show up for services.

If you think thats ok-well pass the cool aid I guess.

Rick Warren is apostate and I believe Ricks movement is a part of the great falling away spoke of in 2Thess 2:3
Rick is not a pastor or a teacher no matter what he has on his name tag. Rick is a business man and a very, very good one at that. Rick Warren networks, uses group think, cell groups the whole ball of wax better than anyone that has come along except for maybe his false teacher buddy Paul Yonggi Cho. But Rick is part of a much bigger scheme I think. He is just one of many players to form the apostate church of the end times.

Is the church really growing because of Willow Creek, Saddleback etc..?
Nope attendance in the states is down we are just playing musical church chairs.

But there will always be a remnant.



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