Rick and Kay Warren and their Acts of Mercy Foundation

March 24, 2008

  Update-I wrote this article about a year or so ago. Since I uncovered this you can no longer see any current information for free on the 990 report information at the Guidstar website on the Acts of Mercy foundation.

As philanthropists, Rick and Kay Warren give away 90 percent of their income through three foundations: Acts of Mercy, which serves those infected and affected by AIDS; Equipping the Church, which trains church leaders in developing countries; and The Global PEACE Fund, which fights poverty, disease, and illiteracy.

 Source  http://www.rickwarren.com/about.html

On this one folks you really need to be smart and take a honest look at whats really there.
You will need to be a judge of who you give to there are a lot of wolves in sheep clothing out there these days.
Paul exhorts us to judge in Cor 5:12
“For what have I to do with judging those also who are outside? Do you not judge those who are inside?”
Are we to send Benny Hinn money to buy a new airplane?
If you don’t know the answer to that read on.
Questions you need to ask yourself.
Is the money going where its stated to be going?
From Paul Proctors article “Just Who’s Using Whom For What In North Korea”
“Last year Rick addressed the Pew Forum’s bi-annual Faith Angle conference on religion, politics and public life about three foundations he established and something he calls “reverse tithing:”
“…my wife and I made five decisions…we set up three different foundations. One is called Equipping the Church, which we use to train pastors in third-world countries.
The other is called Acts of Mercy, which we use to help those infected with AIDS. And another one is called The Global PEACE Plan, which I’ll share in just a second…The fifth thing we did was become reverse tithers…We give away 90 percent and we live on 10.” (Underscore added for emphasis)
In fact, in one televised interview I witnessed, he point-blank stated that the money he received from book sales goes to his foundations. Well, as far I’m concerned, what he does with his money is his business, whether he tithes 10% or 90%; that is until he starts using it to deceive others and exalt himself in the process.
(my emphasis)
If indeed HIS 90% goes to HIS foundations for HIM to use as HE sees fit, wouldn’t this kind of “reverse tithing” actually mean he’s giving his millions back to himself to fund his own Purpose Driven programs, agenda, expenses and ego under tax exempt status, rendering the money held on account “for charitable causes” still under HIS control either directly or indirectly?
Why does the story of Ananias and Sapphira come to mind in Acts, Chapter 5?
“For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.” – 1st Timothy 6:10 End quote
Rick and Kay Warren have stated numerous times that the Foundation “Acts Of Mercy” was set up to help those with AIDS.
So is Acts of Mercy set up to help those inflicted with Aids?
You have the tools to check it out for yourselves through checking out the foundations 990 forms.
You can do this at these two sites its easy and free.
I went on their and found Acts of Mercy 990 forms from 2004 and 2005.
Under the Organizations Primary Exempt purpose it states.
” Acts of Mercy foundation will conduct activities in furtherance of the purposes of the Global PEACE Fund to advance the Christian faith. Specifically, the Foundation will work under GPF to fund among other things,Christian ministry and outreach activities to the poor, the distressed or the underprivileged, micro enterprise, church planting, caring for the sick, Christian education and evangelism and promote awareness of HIV/AIDS.
I encourage you if you so desire to check this out for yourself because it also lists where the money went and what activities were paid for.
Interesting note-
Both Elizabeth K Warren President and Richard D Warren Secretary were the only officers listed as being compensated (from the foundation they of course give to).
In 2004 Kay and Rick were both listed as being compensated 63,750.00
And then in 2005 both Kay and Rick were compensated 121,250.00 quite a raise based on a average 40 hours per week devoted to position as listed on the 990 form.
Again look at this statement made by Warren himself-

As philanthropists, Rick and Kay Warren give away 90 percent of their income through three foundations: Acts of Mercy, which serves those infected and affected by AIDS; Equipping the Church, which trains church leaders in developing countries; and The Global PEACE Fund, which fights poverty, disease, and illiteracy.”


Check it out for yourselves if you are interested. I have a big problem with some of the statements from Rick because I don’t believe Rick promotes Christianity but his own religion Purpose Driven.
Plus I think its disingenuous to make people think you are giving money away while paying yourself a beefy salary from the very foundation you set up for your charity.
Those who willingly (or unwillingly) disclose information are listed at a excellent site called Wall Watchers Ministry Watch.
Use this tool to check out church ministries.
Tim Wirth

5 Responses to “Rick and Kay Warren and their Acts of Mercy Foundation”

  1. Kim said

    This is great research…

    Thanks Tim.

  2. Johnson Himabara said

    I thank God for Mr. Rick and Mrs. Kay. They gave much money to build hosptal and for AIDS. My wife did not die. I am Christian believer since I read Life with Purpose in my own language. My whole family nows goes to heaven. I love Jesus now.

  3. Col Robert V Barnes, Jr said

    Early in 2004, while I was the Executive Director of Shanti, Orange County, a 501c-3 AIDS Social Services organization, I had the great pleasure of meeting Kay and Rick Warren. They are two of the most beautiful of God’s creatures I’ve had the privilege of meeting and had a profound effect on me, personally. Anyone who has any question about where contributions to their foundation or Saddleback Church need only do a small amount of research. Acts of Mercy was very generous to Shanti without any strings attached. Rick Warren’s books have sold scores of millions of copies. At a meager 10% of those profits kept for their personal and family lives would support a very rich life. However, they live a very normal, modest life. Regardless of your religious beliefs, one can only give praise to the proposition that we should devote our lives to making life better for out fellow man and that’s what Rick and Kay Warren are all about. I was blessed to have known them, if only for the brief time I lived in Orange County.

  4. G. Keith Purkey said

    It’s good that Mr. Warren gives away 90 % of what he makes but under currect tax laws the maximum tax deduction for contributions is limited to 50 % of a person’s income.I don’t understand how he can live and pay taxes out of the remaining 10 % that he keeps. Can anyone explain that?

  5. My Warren donates to foundations he sets up and than pays himself a salary from them

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